3D – Discuss, Debate & Decide - Youth in Action project 5.1

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ led the project 3D – Discuss, Debate & Decide which was co-financed through Youth in Action funding 5.1 intended to facilitate the dialogue between young people and policy makers. Youth organisations were given the opportunity to debate between 3 teams on themes relating to issues pertinent under the Structured Dialogue process. This was followed by responses from policy experts in the relevant field. The idea was to create a ‘debating society’ style event where young people could discuss issues that are relevant to themselves. This also served as a consultative forum and supported the aims of the Structured Dialogue process under the Renewed Framework for European Cooperation in the Youth Field.

Young people are a heterogeneous cohort and this project created the space and opportunity for different youth groups to engage in critical debates about topics they placed on the agenda. This provided a rich learning opportunity, as young people communicated their ideas in a strategic manner, developed their advocacy skills, considered alternative perspectives and view points and in some cases, made determined calls for change. The topics chosen were contemporary and sometimes controversial, fuelling disagreements, sometimes polarised views and indeed some passionate debating.

In more concrerte terms young people discussed the following issues:

• The legalisation of drugs
• Lowering the voting age to 16 years
• The teaching of religion in public schools
• Compulsory community service for young people
• Obligatory schooling up to 18 years
• Same-sex marriage

You can view the booklet of the project here

You can view the related media here

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