Developing Detached Youth Work Practice - Erasmus +

The Project is being funded through the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme and is a partnership between Aġenzija Żgħażagħ in Malta, Asociatia Centrul pentru Dezvoltare Comunitara Durabila in Romania, Stichting JONG Rotterdam in the Netherlands and YMCA George Williams College in the UK.

The Project aims to develop and strengthen detached youth work services in the partner countries through the exchange of good practice and peer learning and support. The project will evaluate existing services as well as newly established services and will develop quality assurance tools that can be used in a detached youth work setting working with youth at risk of social exclusion. It draws on the experience achieved by the Dutch and UK partners to enable the Maltese and Romanian partner organisations to develop their practice in a manner consistent with best practice.

This will be achieved through:

• the provision of supervision and mentoring to youth work managers involved in the setting up of new detached youth work services;
• the provision of training to youth workers that will also allow for observation of existing projects and the sharing of experiences;
• the drawing up of policy and procedures in line with quality assurance systems;
• the evaluation of new and existing services through a range of methods including observation, interviews and documentation of activities; and
• dissemination of the evaluation report.

Expected outcomes include an increased capacity of the partners to implement detached youth work projects and to monitor their effectiveness as well as offer the required support to youth workers involved in service provision.

The project so far

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ conducted background studies in the region of Cottonera, Paceville and the South East. Youth Workers identified those places where young people were more likely to hang out, what services where available in the community and established links with local councils and police. The detached youth work service in Cottonera has been running since the end of January. The service in the South East is expected to start shortly. Aġenzija Żgħażagħ is also currently working to establish the Youth Help service in Paceville and will be meeting key stakeholders such as the police, local council and LEAP workers.

Two partner meetings have been organised to date. The first took place in Malta and was the first meeting between the project partners where the work programme for the project was discussed as were key concepts around detached youth work. Partners were able to share experience and expertise. This proved an important groundwork for the second meeting which took place in Rotterdam. This mobility involved both the project coordinators from each partner country as well as youth workers from Malta and Romania who benefitted from training delivered by Stitching Jong, Rotterdam who have been conducting detached youth work for many years. The youth workers and project managers where able to meet with some of their Dutch counterparts and accompany them on one of their routes around the streets of Rotterdam. The group also had the opportunity to meet with two community police officers at the police headquarters in Gouda who worked hand in hand with Stichting Jong Rotterdam.

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