Let's Talk about Life - Summer 2017

A group of young people from 4 EU countries involved themselves in an Erasmus + Youth Exchange. The title of the project was ‘Let’s Talk About Life’ which focused on tackling youth related issues. The main focus of the project was to introduce peer education to the young people coming from Estonia, Poland, Ireland and Malta. The exchange was held at Marsaxlokk activity centre and 36 young people participated. The project was funded by Erasmus + through Key Action 1, Mobility of Young People. The climax of the exchange was the delivery of activities to other young people at different youth centres.

This was the first youth exchange for the majority of the young people involved. Over the six day programme the young people through different icebreakers and energizers got to know each other and cooperated together during the various workshops and activities. One of the main goals of the exchange was to develop activities for other young people to discuss issues related to bullying and gender stereo typing. A board game, short film and role play activity were developed. The activities were delivered at the Kottonera youth centre and other youth centres. Through this process the young people in the project learnt that they can be active citizens in their respective communities.

During the cultural nights the young people got to know each other’s traditions, history and folklore. Through interactive games the group bonded together and quickly shifted from being strangers to becoming friends.



The experience is also shared on social media.

Karl from Estonia commented that this was an awesome experience because he learnt some much. His friend Rachel shared that learning about peer education and about new cultures at the same time was wonderful. Daniel, a Maltese participant stated that through the teambuilding activities they had fun and got to know each other. Chloe highlighted that through the project she learnt more about gender stereotyping and that without knowing she was doing so and now she needs to stop stereotyping people. Dagmara from Poland was enthusiastic that she learnt about peer education and shared that it is a good way how to generate discussions and learn from the young people themselves and focus on their needs.

The young people are managing to stay in touch through different social media platforms and are already planning how they can meet up again. So much so that the young people have requested their youth workers to apply for Erasmus+ funding to host a youth exchange in their countries.

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