Take the Floor

The main objectives of this project address the four tasks indicated in the policy priorities and objectives for the 5th cycle of the structured dialogue. In this regard the project intends to increase outreach and visibility; enhance coordiation between various stakeholders and create a more focused monitoring and implementation approach.

The Implementation Plan of the Stuctured Dialogue Process with Young People for the 5th cycle for the period 1st January 2016 – 30th June 2017 clearly indicates that one of the main objectives will be to encourage a wider representation of young people in the process, focusing in particular to those who are away from the usual political process. This objective coincides with what the Maltese National Working Group has been doing for the past two years, with its two previous projects “Spread ‘Out’ Reach” and “React” i.e. to increase its outreach and take the Structured Dialogue Process to areas that where the young people were and where they could not be easily reached.

After last year’s effort to take the Structured Dialogue to Malta’s main secondary schools, this year the focus will be on post-secondary institutions. The National Working Group will be targeting a cohort of young people between the 17-24 age bracket.

The idea behind the project is to get more young people intrested in the the process, capitalising on the fact that Malta will be having its first European presidency within this trio. This will also automatically increase the visibility of the Structured Dialogue process.

This project has three main targets:

1. To train a cohort of youth workers who work with post-secondary institutions on the Structured Dialogue process.

2. To reach a wider audience of young people through post secondary schools and by using Aġenzija Żgħażagħ’s database of EYCA card holders which number to over 6000 card owners. These young people will be directly contacted with the questions developed during the Slovak presidency.

3. Engage the new and past participants of the Structured Dialogue process by providing them with information and feedback on the process, capitalising on the fact that Malta will be having its first European presidency within the current trio. 

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