Youth Information and Counselling: New Formats and Scenarios - Youth in Action project 3.1

A seminar on Youth Information and Counselling was held at Sliema, Malta between 21-27 January. The aim of the project was to share knowledge, get to know different scenarios and define a common vision to develop formats of Youth Information and Counselling which will be valid around Europe in the coming years.

There were 29 participants including facilitators and experts that came from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Luxembourg, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Malta, The Netherlands, Serbia and United Kingdom.

Throughout the duration of the seminar participants reviewed existing formats of youth information, their advantages and shortcomings, and possible new arenas that could be explored in future. This was done mainly through working in smaller groups, during which existing challenges were discussed and possible changes proposed.

During the seminar each country shared its experiences and good practices. There was also expert input on the relation between local, national and European levels of youth information, and how to maintain a successful structure for the provisions of youth information and counselling for young people. Before the final evaluation, proposals on how to continue the work initiated in Malta were also put forward.

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