Interactive Media Project (Pix) – Youth in Action project 4.3

The Interactive Media Project (PIX) was held in Malta in September 2013. The training programme was aimed for youth workers and youth leaders. 34 participants of different ages and gender from nine countries mainly Malta, France, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, UK, Austria and Finland, actively participated in the training course the purpose of which was to help them acquire both knowledge and ideas on how the potential of media can be used constructively and effectively in supporting young people’s development. The training demonstrated to participants how the camera, video and audio recordings can be used as effective and versatile media instruments.

The participants where also taught the techniques of lip dub. The methodology of the training consisted of hands on experience, where participants worked in groups and supported and encouraged each other. When the training course was over the participants gave very positive feedback and suggested that a follow-up project on the use of more advanced media should be organised. Activities related to this project included:

• How audio media stimulates the imagination but how the message conveyed can often be different to the one intended.
• Exploration of the power of visual communication.
• Introduction to Photographic techniques.
• Basic filming techniques.

The project highlighted the fact that the media appears to strengthen commonalities rather than differences and this was also the reaction of participants.

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