Young Ambassadors for Youth's Right to Information - Youth in Action project 3.1

The project was developed from the idea that access to information is the key to tackle many of the social problems encountered by young people today. Therefore by this training course the beneficiary aim was to empower young people to bring forward youth’s information as a right for all young people in all the fields that concern their development.

The main priority of this project was the active participation of young people at a national and European level. This priority met the main goal of the project; that of training young people to get actively involved in promoting youth’s right to information. Through this project, the target group developed the necessary capacity to encourage young people access to information, participation and rights within their local, national and European communities. This goal was reached by fostering their motivation, strengthening their knowledge and involvement, and empowering their capability as youth ambassadors.

The training course ‘Young Ambassadors for Youth’s Right to Information’ reached the general objectives of Youth in Action Programme by fostering young people’s citizenship through cooperation at the European level and by developing young people’s capacity to act towards a common goal: Youth’s Right to Information.

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