Aboard the Citizen Ship - Youth in Action project 5.1

The project consisted of a national youth meeting which included a number of activities in various localities around the islands over a period of nine days in celebration of the European Youth Week. The objective of the project was to enable around 400 young people (which included young people that were involved in organizations/groups/projects and also those with fewer opportunities) to share their views/perceptions and expectations in relation to issues that pertain to them.

The main issues that were tackled during the activity were education, employment, leisure and culture on national and a European level. The activities were all delivered in a non formal setting and included art, forum theatre, sports and music. A consultation boot was set up throughout the activities in order to provide young people with the opportunity to share their views and perceptions.

More activities than those planned were organized mainly to accommodate requests that the agency received by young people, organizations and government entities that wanted to organize specific activities during the European Youth Week.

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