Youth on the Move – InfoMobility: YoMIM – Youth in Action project 5.1

The overarching goal of the Youth on the Move – InfoMobility (Y0MIM) project was to innovate and enhance youth work while fostering synergies between the main actors in the field of youth information and counselling, paying special regard to cross-border European mobility.

By pursuing innovation, this project aimed at offering new methodological and technological solutions to the actual challenges of youth information and counselling work.

The YoMIM project pursued quality and innovation in youth work by:

• strategically connecting quality delivery, professional youth work and cross-border European youth mobility;
• creating and adopting quality principles of youth information work services;
• enhancing the ways results and impact of youth work are presented;
• primarily considering young people’s needs in the provision of youth information;
• introducing interactive material for youth information workers;
• opening up youth work to new competencies by experts’ inputs;
• fostering synergies between different actors in order to optimise their impact on young people.

In sum, the YoMIM project was at once about innovating, enhancing, streamlining, optimising and spreading new tools and methods.

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