Agora - Quality and Innovation in Youth Participation: Youth in Action project 4.3

Nine partners from seven different countries came together to develop a project that aimed to build upon the competences of youth leaders, youth workers and other stakeholders to be able to develop effective spaces to encourage decision making by youth. The 18 month project entitled AGORA started in January 2013 and came to an end in June 2014. After the coordinators’ meeting in April 2013 it was time for the second phase of the project. This consisted in a training seminar and was held in Vila Real de Santo Antonio in June 2013.

The seminar aimed at defining the framework for the project and to multiply the effects in partner countries. Partners discussed their local realities and also different issues regarding youth participation. Many interesting and salient issues emerged during the five day seminar. It was agreed that providing the means, spaces, opportunities and support should be each partner’s agenda to facilitate participation. Partners agreed that the contribution of youth participation benefits not only young people but public authorities and society at large hence the title of the project Bringing Quality and Innovation into youth Participation at a local level.

A training course entitled Bringing Quality and Innovation to Youth Participation in Decision Making at a Local Level was held in Antalya in October 2013. Its aims were to empower youth leaders and policy-makers in terms of having tools that allow them to have participation spaces, with greater involvement of young people in decision-making processes. Another was to develop and test a set of materials and tools that can be integrated in the Tool Kit and develop a set of principles of quality that could be integrated in the project’s quality charter.

The evaluation meeting of the project took place during the first week of May at Marsaxlokk youth activity centre. During these three days the partners reflected on the outcomes of the 18 month project and discussed the way forward.

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