End of Year Youth.Inc Pool Party  22/07/2019
End of Year Youth.Inc Pool Party

Our ‘End of Year’ party holds a special place in our hearts also in our young people’s hearts as it gathers all of us together to celebrate our milestones, successes and accomplishments. We celebrated this special event at Torre Paulina in Madliena where various activities were held in collaboration with the ‘Polifest Programme’.  It was a jam packed day filled with games, swimming, food and lots of entertainment as our guest DJ Pierre Cordina kept us all on our feet dancing away.  

This special day brings about various emotions as it gives us youth workers time to socialize with our young people moreover enjoy this event as it is the final step for our Level 3’s youngsters where they bid farewell to the rest of the young people to embark on their new journey.  Our ‘End of Year’ party brings together our annual commitments and achievements also a time to reflect upon the year moreover, share our thoughts at what lies ahead for the coming months.