Ahoy! All Aboard  23/07/2019
Ahoy! All Aboard

80 young people, between 16 and 18 years old, we invited on board a boat trip round Malta aimed to empower young people to mobilise to other countries and engage in different opportunities around Europe.  This event featured the services of EYCA, ERYICA and Eurodesk MT – 3 European Networks which Agenzija Zghazagh operates and is member of.  The young participants attained a better knowledge on how youth information can help them to find their place in society. The information provided during the boat trip equipped young people with social, civic and cultural competences as well a strong capacity for critical thinking.


The boat trip enabled the young people to face picturesque views around Malta which they have never seen before and which they have always believed that were out of reach; in relation to this the young people realised that same case is with opportunities – unless you seek and are provided with guidance you will never know! One of the boat trip’s highlights was the campaigning of ‘#GiveAVote’. A campaign which was led by the 2 youth activists who made sure first time voters got the right information in order to make an informed decision. The campaign challenged  young people - to make the connection between the many things they care about and the EU’s power to help achieve those objectives. In this way, the campaign aims to mobilise young people across the EU.Not only did the boat trip allow the young people to enjoy the day in good company but it is also provided the possibility to the participants to meet and exchange information about youth issues with other young people, youth workers and professionals working within the youth sector.