Eurodesk MT and youth organizations come together  29/11/2019
Eurodesk MT and youth organizations come together
Our time commitment and dedication towards youth organisations is strong, passionate and therefore very precious and valuable to us; hence why Eurodesk MT one of the services provided by Agenzija Zghazagh manages training and information sessions for youth organisations to improve the services being delivered more over strengthen or give birth to networks within the youth field. Such trainings and information meetings support the youth organisations and Eurodesk MT too to outline, define and strengthen a common understanding whilst developing knowledge and skills.

This month’s training brought together a number of new faces who were exposed to the tonnes of existing opportunities within EU. More over the participants of this training were presented with non-formal activities which were continuously engaging and inspiring. The activities allowed the youth organisations to wear shoes from different walks of life and reason things out differently i.e. adopting a young person’s point of view, needs and wants. Such simulations gave space to the youth organisations to reflect on the services they are currently providing and identify new approaches on how to develop and cope with matters. The training took a personal approach and highlighted the benefits of networking which will ultimately result in reaching the young people more affectively.