South Youth Service January Review  23/01/2020
South Youth Service January Review
It’s the first month of the year 2020 and we are already busy in giving the very best of services to young people. As part of the South Youth Service, we deliver programs and seminars in schools, we are active in the evenings through the Kottonera Youth Café and also offer a Detached Youth Work Service on both Kottonera and Birzebbugia.
School Programs & Seminars
As part of our school service within St Margaret College Bormla, we deliver a weekly outdoor program and a Duke of Edinburgh program within the Senior School. In January we continued with these programs. Furthermore, we also deliver a self-esteem program, a communication skill program and also a drama program within the Middleschool of the same College. We also are in process of delivering team building exercises with all classes.
In terms of seminars, we continued to deliver some seminars such as Time for an Adventure in St Thomas More, Zejtun, main aim being to prepare Year 11 students of any good opportunities that they might have and how Aġenzija Żgħażagħ can help in this regard.
Apart from seminars, our Youth Workers are also implementing the Young Parliamentarians Program and also the School Coucil Democracy Award. During the month of January, the Youth Workers supported St Thomas More, Zejtun and also St Edwards, Birgu in terms of Young Parliamentarians. The main aim here being to prepare a group of young people to debate in a competition. A number of session are being delivered to train young people how to speak, lobby, persuade etc... On the other hand, the Youth Workers supported St Benedict Kirkop and St Edwards Birgu in terms of School Council Democracy Award.  
Kottonera Youth Cafe
During the month of January, after the Christmas break, we continued to open the Youth Cafe in the evenings. Young people suggested to create a creative corner in whcih young people can express themselves through art. The Radio program in collaboratio with RadioImmaginaria continued with its sessions and the football training for girls continues as usual as well. Right now we are in the process of collecting young people’s ideas and see how we can implement them together during the year.
MCAST Youth Hub
During the month of January, a number of ideas are being gathered from young people so that during the time where young people come and have a break, we also offer something more such as sessions, talks and activities.
Detached Youth Work
Detached Youth Work also continued in both Kottonera and Birzebbugia, the main aim being to keep on exploring areas where young people meet within the locality, support how we can in terms of needs and also make them aware of interesting opportunities Aġenzija Żgħażagħ offers.
For more information one can always follow our Facebook Page Aġenzija Żgħażagħ South Youth Service or contact Aġenzija Żgħażagħ directly for more information.