'1911', a film production by Aż@K.  25/05/2017
'1911', a film production by Aż@K.



'1911' is another film making project by Agenzija Zghazagh@Kottonera  provided at St Margaret College Middle School. 5 friends whilst camping decide to break into a nearby school with the objective of hunting ghosts. Once they break into the school one of the gang disappears. A mysterious voice tells the rest of the group that they must complete a serious of tasks to get their friend back.

The young people involved in the project had the opportunity learn basic film making techniques, developed the story line, wrote the script, created the storyboard and filmed the film. Through this experience the young people shared that they had the opportunity to learn how to use a camera, the process that goes in making a film, working with others, not giving up and time management.