Navigate your inner compass, Antwerp Belgium 05-11 November 2017  29/11/2017
Navigate your inner compass, Antwerp Belgium 05-11 November 2017

The theme of sexuality, identity and youth work was addressed in a rather intensive training course held at Antwerp, Belgium from the 5th to the 11th November. A group of 21 participants gathered at the Pulcinella Youth Hostel in the heart of the city to delve deeper into sexuality issues such as sexual shame, body works, gender stereotyping and the heteronormative cultural mentality that conditions young people and their educators. The ‘inner leadership’ method devised by Dominique Verschuren was used during the training course.

Through in-depth personal sharing and a constant invitation to get out of one’s comfort zone, all the participants exited the course with a deep conviction that being vulnerable and accepting one’s insecurities helps the youth worker to engage in a more effective interaction with oneself and young people. The more the youth worker accepts and integrates his/her weaker areas the more he/she will be in a position to develop important relationships with young learners.

This is a slogan which served as a leitmotif during the course. In a final session, all the participants hailing from different social and cultural backgrounds were invited to share youth work tools concerning sexuality.