Circus for Life  03/10/2018
Circus for Life

Aġenzija Zgħazagħ in collaboration with RISE and Future Vision Acrobat (FVA) the Rwandan circus and acrobatic group hosted a 5-day workshop which engaged young people in learning acrobatics and circus skills.

The workshops enabled the young people involved to express their feelings through movement and acrobatics resulting into a choreography that was performed at a show. The young participants were encouraged to share their life stories in order to nurture understanding and respect for one another’s diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


By means of these workshops the youth have come face to face with different realities that we are presented in life; hence learning how much people can achieve if they keep persevering for a better future, where people are able to have a good life and a chance to change the world for the better.

Circus for Life allowed the young people to explore a different form of art which encouraged their creativity and stimulated their curiosity. It has helped the youth holistically in their development; the acrobats and youth workers interventions played a crucial role in making the young people realise that being physically active and involved in such projects is important as schooling, as accommodation or food.