Debate Academy in Malta for Young Mediterranean Voices  24/10/2018
Debate Academy in Malta for Young Mediterranean Voices

The Anna Lindh Mediterranean Foundation and the Agenzija Zghazagh are partnering to strengthen the domain of intercultural dialogue and youth development. This will be achieved through the development and establishment of a regional “Debate Academy” in Malta for Young Mediterranean Voices, the flagship debate programme that connects civil society, education and policy-makers across the Euro-Mediterranean region, and provides a pioneering platform to open doors for young influencers to shape policy and media narratives.


The inception phase for Young Mediterranean Voices officially began on 1st January 2018 and there is a regional operational plan now in place to 2020.

The outcomes of the inception meeting included the strategic intent until 2020: (a) to build up a model of Young Mediterranean Voices, and its theory of change, as a model of pioneering practice that can be replicated worldwide in partnership with the United Nations and regional institutions; and (b) to reaffirm the central role of Malta as a unique space to connect Agenzija Zghazagh and the voice across the two shores of the Mediterranean.

The objective of this Partnership Agreement is to establish the first Euro-Mediterranean Debate Academy of its kind.