E+ Evidence Based Dialogue  17/12/2018
E+ Evidence Based Dialogue

Evidence Based Dialogue is a project coordinated by Maltese National Working Group (NWG) through Aġenzija Zgħażagħ as part of the Structured Dialogue. Through Evidence Based Dialogue Agenzija Zghazagh aims to increase the number of young people actively participating in the Structured Dialogue process. To this end the Maltese NWG apart from outreaching and engaging with the more ‘usual suspects’ such as organised youth in youth organisations or those accessible young people such as EYCA card holders, it also targeted young people that were generally labelled as unreachable.

To achieve such ends the NWG engaged in a research project to gather evidence, hence the title Evidence-based Dialogue and through such research the NWG answered 2 main questions:

• What are the best ways for the Maltese NWG to communicate with different cohorts of young people in relation to the Structured Dialogue?
• What would it take for different cohorts of young people to participate in the Structured Dialogue Process?

At the end of this project the Maltese NWG also organised a seminar as part of an evaluation of the whole six cycles of the Structured Dialogue. The National Working Groups gathered the practices for that have given results positive results during implementation, evaluation and dissemination processes. The outcomes of this seminar will serve the National Working Group to highlight these best practices as a way forward when trying to dialogue with young people.