Youth Work and Learning for Life and Work  28/02/2019
Youth Work and Learning for Life and Work

During the past two years a transnational project was carried out with the aim to develop a non-formal curriculum that can be replicated and refined on a pan-European basis amongst other outcomes. This project involves 3 partners from the public, private and educational sectors; Agenzija Zghazagh  together with YMCA George Williams Company and Manor Education and Training Solutions Ltd. This project is funded by Key Action 2 within the Erasmus+ programme.

As mentioned earlier one of the aims is to develop a non-formal curriculum, this is now in its final stages. We developed it around a youth centred approach with the aim to engage the young people in their own process of development, a structured non-formal methodology which includes various structured learning situations according to educational and training arrangements is used and is led by youth workers.





The skills and competences acquired by learners include:

- acquire and apply basic general knowledge related to the immediate physical and social environment know and appreciate the simple tasks and activities in familiar environments.

-understand and follow basic tasks and instructions and be aware of the consequences to self and others,also to participate fully and take up responsibility in such tasks

- workon acquiring and developing their communication skills within a team/group setting.

 At the moment the curriculum is being used with the level 1 cohort, they have experienced various learning situations such as preparing a lunch, organising a trip, creativity week, home management, organising an activity for their peers and so on. All of this is assessed through worksheets, peer to peer evaluations, self-assessment, and pictorial and youth workers assessment.