#GIVEAVOTE - Youth Activists  21/03/2019
#GIVEAVOTE - Youth Activists


26 activists, 13 EU countries and one common goal. To raise turnout for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections.

Failure to vote, Failure to be Politically Relevant? In 2014 just 28% of young people voted in elections for the European Parliament. We would like to stress that by not voting, we give up our power and issues that matter most to young people can be ignored at little to no political cost.



Samuel Camillieri Brancaleone and Steven Bajada, 2 youth activists who are working on an EU project which Agenzija Zghazagh is partner of,  are determined to encourage young people to turnout and vote for elections this May.

In a campaign titled #GIVEAVOTE, the youth activists will be hosting talks, events, meet ups with the both the public and people running to be our representatives in the European Parliament. Both youth activists aim to briefly, explain how EU institutions function, their relevance and respective power and the difference they can make in our lives. Furthermore, they will definately not shy away from discussing the issues facing our society - be it inequality, immigration, climate change and the causes that we care about. 


To conclude we would like to make it clear from the onset, that this campaign to raise turnout will be strictly neutral, and the aim is to inform, initiate and facilitate discussion, but not to decide for others.