Music Quest - Catching up with the winners  02/04/2019
Music Quest - Catching up with the winners


All the projects which we take on as part of our Empowerment Programme envisage supporting young people as they do the things they like doing best and to help them progress further in their chosen paths.  Music Quest was a space for young artists to use music as their medium of empowerment.  Nearly a year after Music Quest 2 ended, we caught up with 2 of the winning artists.


Aiden Somers recalls Music Quest as having been a very beneficial experience that helped to support the local scene, promote growth and a chance for artists such as himself to continue to push themselves further.  With the money he won, he continued to promote his image and further experiment with the genre of music that is so much a part of his life.


Oxygyn were another of the winning bands.  They had this to say:


"Our experience started back in 2018, when our band OXYGYN decided to start experimenting with our musical direction and started focusing on growing our repertoire. We discovered Music Quest at around this time, and participating in this effort gave us an opportunity to test out our new music. We recorded a demo of one of the tracks which we had recently written and submitted it to Music Quest. To our surprise, it seemed that our music was received well and we were honoured to place second in the contest.

Our placement in the contest gave us the impetus to continue writing new music and discovering our new sound. In March 2019, we teamed up with Peter Borg from Railway Studios to professionally record our song. Throughout these sessions at the studios, we experimented and learnt more about our sound through the touch-ups on production, recording of guitars, and recording of vocals. This resulted in a track that we are proud of and cannot wait to share with our listeners. Music Quest gave us the push we needed to produce such a track, so we cannot be more thankful for Aġenzija Żgħażagħ who believed in our talent and potential."  



As an Agency, our impact on young people is sometimes difficult to measure especially outside of the short term. Through projects such as Music Quest, we are sometimes allowed a glimpse into what providing young people with the space, tools and resources they need can do for them in the long term.