Aġenzija Żgħażagħ South Youth Service raises money for Puttinu Cares.  28/05/2019
Aġenzija Żgħażagħ South Youth Service raises money for Puttinu Cares.


Aġenzija Żgħażagħ is always open for young people ideas and is always eager to provide the space and opportunity for young people to express themselves. Aġenzija Żgħażagħ believes that any young person, once given the opportunity and right support, can invest in his or her potential to create something beautiful.

Through Aġenzija Żgħażagħ South Youth Service, young people do actually express their opinions and ideas, which one of them was of organising again the Pool Marathon from the 17th of May at 19:00 till the 18th of May till 00:00 at AŻ Youth Cafe, Birgu. Once again, young people expressed their desire to organise it in aid of Puttinu Cares. Through brainstorming sessions carried out with the Youth Workers within the Youth cafe in Birgu, a planning team of young people was created and they all had different tasks. They came up with a Billiard 24 hour Marathon followed by a BBQ.

On the day they met earlier and stayed through all the event. After, 85 games of billiard followed by a BBQ, there was huge satisfaction since € 700 were gathered, a bigger sum than last year. An inclusive atmosphere uniting young people with different backgrounds was create and it was also something that gave huge satisfaction to the Youth Workers. Through this event, young people appreciated more the purpose of Aġenzija Żgħażagħ and got to know more how it can help them to grow.

For more information on activities, projects, services and opportunities, one an visit Aġenzija through its South Youth Service Facebook Page ‘AŻ at Kottonera Youth Cafe’.