Europe goes Local  26/06/2019
Europe goes Local


The third European event of Europe Goes Local in Brussesls was between the 4 – 6 June, and it’s aim was to raise the quality of local youth work in particular through enhanced cooperation between various stakeholders that are active at the local level.

This is a partnership which involves around 200 members who represent around 120 municipalities in the participating countries. This was the first time that Malta took part in this important event. This hands on experience consisted of communicative sessions, brainstorming and planning, workshops and exploring potential projects.

This was a great opportunity and served as a platform for networking, to learn from each other as well as share good practices, plan new activities and have exchanges about the quality development of local youth work with a new support tool. All in all, I can say that this was an amazing opportunity for me to grow professionally as well as boost my knowledge and to be more aware of other good practices youth entities are making use of.